How to Correct a Slide on Ice

Here at Friendly Honda of Fayetteville, our team has a goal to help keep Fayetteville drivers safe during the winter with helpful driving tips. Sliding is common among drivers as soon as the roads start to accumulate with ice, and if you follow these tips, then you'll know what to do if you start to slide.

Don't panic or try to overcompensate if you start to slide. This is important because overcorrecting can cause your vehicle to rotate faster and eventually cause your car to spin out. It's also important to drive slowly. If you slide on an icy road, then chances are that you were driving too fast for the road conditions.

Oversteer and understeer are two types of slides that can occur on the ice, and oversteer is more dangerous than understeer. Oversteer happens when you fishtail because the rear loses control, and it's more common in rear-wheel drive vehicles. To correct oversteer, don't brake and try to turn into the slide.


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