Keeping your vehicle in good shape will ensure that you have a smooth ride around Fayetteville, and we can help at Friendly Honda of Fayetteville. Have you heard of understeer and oversteer? These are two terms that refer to your vehicle's driving dynamics. If you have a vehicle with front-wheel drive, you are more likely to experience understeer, and if your vehicle is equipped with rear-wheel drive, you will probably experience oversteer.

When understeer occurs, your vehicle's tires continue to plow straight after you've turned the steering wheel. Understeer typically happens when you accelerate too quickly when you're approaching a turn, or it can also happen if you turn the wheels too fast and too hard. To fix understeer, you may need tire pressure adjustments.

Oversteer is when a vehicle fishtails because the rear has lost grip. Oversteer can be dangerous if the roads conditions are muddy, rainy, or icy. To fix oversteer, you may need to have the suspension tweaked.


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